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Angular Conference 2023 (Warsaw & Online)
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 Tomasz Ducin

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Tomasz Ducin - Independent Consultant, Architect, Developer & Trainer, Poland

Experienced in both frontend and backend. JavaScript expert, passionate about programming, involved in the industry since 2007.
Ex-theater actor, probably addicted to coffee and certainly addicted to listening to music.


Mastering TypeScript's Advanced Patterns for Hardcore Development - Master Class (stationary & online)

Not aimed for beginners or intermediate users; it's designed for those who already have a solid understanding of the language and are ready to level up. We’ll delve deep into several advanced patterns in TypeScript that are battle-tested techniques discovered and honed by the TypeScript community. From low-level details to high-level architecture concepts, get ready to face some of TypeScript's most challenging and exciting features through interactive exercises.

Key Takeaways:
1. Advanced Patterns Primer: Uncover patterns like branded types, value object, and configuring type compatibility that emerge from structural typing.

2. Branded Types: Learn to provide specific domain-related operations that don't easily interfere with primitives - and leverage this to make your app logic more robust and easier to maintain.

3. Type Predicates & Assertion Functions: Customize TypeScript's control flow and improve code inference to make your codebase more manageable.

4. Classical Patterns (Builder, Composite, Iterator, etc): Build on your knowledge of Generics to perform awe-inspiring feats of inference, developing entire data structures without manual type annotation.

5. External Libraries: Get down and dirty with external libraries, understanding how generics flow through them to debug type errors quickly.

6. Thinking on the Compiler Level: Understand the critical role of various TypeScript compiler internals, to understand the result and results, which are not explicitly written in your code.

What You'll Learn:
- Deepen your understanding of TypeScript's advanced features
- Navigate and resolve complex compiler errors
- Gain techniques for efficient domain modeling
- Master type controls to write cleaner and more reliable code

By the end of this hands-on workshop, you’ll be armed with a toolkit of advanced TypeScript skills and techniques, ready to tackle any coding challenge. Don't miss out on this opportunity to turbocharge your TypeScript game! 💪🤓

Tomasz Ducin in action

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