Learn from the Best Speakers 2024

Mark Thompson

Angular Core Team, Google | USA

Alex Rickabaugh

Angular Core Team, Google | USA

Pawel Kozlowski

Angular Core Team, Google | France

Matthieu Riegler

Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Eaton | France

Brygida Fiejdasz

Lead of Frontend Competence Center, Avenga | Poland

Nir Kaufman

Front End Tech Lead, Tikal | Israel

Manfred Steyer

Consultant and Author, softwarearchitekt.at | Austria

Soumaya Erradi

Senior Software Developer, Atlantis S.R.L. | Italy

Michael Hladky

CEO, push-based.io | Austria

Alisa Duncan

Senior Developer Advocate, Okta | USA

Marko Stanimirović

Core Team NgRx & AnalogJS, SMG | Serbia

Michael Egger-Zikes

Trainer & Consultant, AngularArchitects.io | Austria

Alex Okrushko

Senior Software Engineer, Snowflake | Canada

Tomasz Ducin

Independent Consultant, Architect, Developer & Trainer, Poland

Tobiasz Ciesielski

Frontend Developer, Prowly PR Software | Poland

Enea Jahollari

GDE, Trainer, Senior Software Engineer, Push-Based.io | Albania

Gerome Grignon

Président, Angular Nexus | France

Julian Jandl

Lead Performance Engineer, Trainer & Consultant, push-based.io | Austria

Younes Jaaidi

Software Development Cook, Teacher & Coach, GDE | France

Christopher Holder

Full Stack Engineer, push-based.io | Austria

Dariusz Kalbarczyk

Google Developer Expert, Author, NG-POLAND | Poland

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  • Nov 06, 2024, 08:00 - 09:55

    Registration & Networking

    Multikino Złote Tarasy, Złota 59, 00-120 Warszawa

  • Nov 06, 2024, 09:55 - 10:00


  • Nov 06, 2024, 10:00 - 12:00

    Session One

  • Nov 06, 2024, 12:00 - 13:00

    Lunch & Networking

  • Nov 06, 2024, 13:00 - 13:10


  • Nov 06, 2024, 13:10 - 14:30

    Session Two

  • Nov 06, 2024, 14:30 - 14:55

    Coffee Break & Networking

  • Nov 06, 2024, 14:55 - 16:35

    Session Three

  • Nov 06, 2024, 16:35 - 17:00

    Coffee Break & Networking

  • Nov 06, 2024, 17:00 - 18:20

    Sessions Fourth

  • Nov 06, 2024, 18:20 - 19:00

    Q&A Session With Google's Angular Team

  • Nov 06, 2024, 19:00 - 19:10

    Closing Speeches

  • Nov 06, 2024, 19:10 - 24:00

    Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw

    🎉 The Angular and JS party doesn't have to end with the Q&A session! Join us downstairs at the Hard Rock Cafe to keep the vibe going. This is the perfect chance to mingle with other like-minded folks, network with industry experts, and deepen those conference connections. Everyone is welcome, even if you're joining us only for the JS Poland event on the second day! Just a heads-up, this is a casual meet-up and each attendee will be responsible for their own orders. So bring your tech talks and your thirst for both knowledge and a good time. See you all there! 🥳

  • Pre-recorded bonus sessions (already available on the platform)

  • Nov 07, 2024, 08:00 - 09:50

    Registration & Networking

    Multikino Złote Tarasy, Złota 59, 00-120 Warszawa

  • Nov 07, 2024, 09:50 - 10:00


  • Nov 07, 2024, 10:00 - 12:00

    Session One

  • Nov 07, 2024, 12:00 - 13:00

    Lunch & Networking

  • Nov 07, 2024, 13:00 - 13:10


  • Nov 07, 2024, 13:10 - 14:30

    Session Two

  • Nov 07, 2024, 14:30 - 14:55

    Coffee Break & Networking

  • Nov 07, 2024, 14:55 - 16:15

    Session Three

  • Nov 07, 2024, 16:15 - 16:40

    Coffee Break & Networking

  • Nov 07, 2024, 16:40 - 18:00

    Sessions Fourth

  • Nov 07, 2024, 18:00 - 18:10

    Closing Speeches

  • Pre-recorded bonus sessions (already available on the platform)

Full-days SUPERB QUALITY Workshops

Workshops take place the day before NG Poland at:

ADN Conference Center
Browary Warszawskie
GH building; entrance B
Grzybowska Street 56, Warsaw.

Please note, workshop tickets are sold separately from conference tickets.

NG Workshops
Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00

Information about this year's workshops will be available soon.

Modern Angular Architectures: Signals, Standalone, DDD & Micro Frontends - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Manfred Steyer & Michael Egger-Zikes

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

What You Will Learn:
✔️ Understand Standalone Components: Master the implementation and benefits of Standalone Components in Angular for streamlined and efficient project setups.

✔️ Application Structuring: Learn how to effectively structure large-scale applications using a Mono Repo approach combined with Strategic Design principles based on Domain-Driven Design (DDD).

✔️ Architectural Enforcement: Discover how to enforce and maintain architectural integrity using tools such as Nx and Sheriff to manage dependencies and workflows within your project.

✔️ Modular Monolith Implementation: Gain insights into creating a modular monolith—dubbed a "Modulith"—to maintain modularity while leveraging the robustness of a monolithic application.

✔️ Micro Frontend Architecture: Dive into the Micro Frontend architecture using Module Federation and Native Federation to build scalable and isolated components that can integrate seamlessly.

✔️ Leverage esbuild in Angular: Explore how to utilize Angular’s support for esbuild to significantly enhance the build and compilation speed of your applications.

✔️ Angular Signals Introduction: Understand the new Angular Signals feature, its use cases, and its integration into modern Angular architectures for more responsive applications.

✔️ Advanced State Management: Learn the advanced techniques of state management using the NGRX Signal Store, focusing on fine-grained change detection and state updates.

✔️ Custom Features for Signal Store: Implement custom functionalities within the NGRX Signal Store to handle complex and repetitive scenarios with minimal code.

✔️ Enterprise-scale Planning and Deployment: Equip yourself with the strategies and tools required to plan, develop, and deploy enterprise-scale Angular applications confidently.

Participants of this workshop will emerge with a deep understanding of modern Angular architectures, equipped with practical skills and cutting-edge techniques. You will learn how to construct and maintain scalable and maintainable web applications using the latest Angular features, such as Standalone Components, Module Federation, and Angular Signals. By the end of the session, you will be adept at implementing complex architectures and managing state efficiently, enabling you to tackle enterprise-scale projects with confidence. This workshop will not only enhance your technical proficiency but also expand your toolkit for building future-proof Angular applications.

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Modern Angular Mastery - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Michael Hladky & Enea Jahollari

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

What You Will Learn
✔️ Better DI with inject - Master the implementation of new inject function for injecting dependencies directly in components. This makes it easier to write cleaner and more maintainable code.

✔️ Standalone everything - Understand the benefits of locality of your components, directives and pipes to improve your app archictecture.

✔️ Faster Builds with esbuild - Understand everything about the webpack to esbuild migration and benefit from what’s in store for your apps.

✔️ Function-based APIs and provide* - The new era of structuring Angular apps is here. Learn how to create better APIs that align with Angular’s vision.

✔️ Signals - Master Signals by understanding their internals.Get better at using them by learning some tips and tricks.

✔️ New Change Detection & Zoneless - Understand how Angular is getting faster and faster because of the new change detection and zoneless features and learn how to benefit from them.

✔️ Lazy load like a PRO - If you want to drop that bundle size, you need to start lazy loading. Learn how to lazy load components, directives, pipes with the new @defer block, but also how to lazy load services using injectLazy

In the Modern Angular Workshop, participants master the implementation of the inject function which streamlines dependency management and enhances code cleanliness. They explore architectural advancements by creating standalone components that improve application structure and maintainability. The transition from webpack to esbuild is covered, offering insights into faster build processes and overall application performance enhancement. Additionally, developers learn about the integration of function-based APIs, the utilization of Signals for responsive applications, and advanced lazy loading techniques that significantly reduce bundle sizes and improve load efficiency.

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Mastering NgRx SignalStore for Modern Angular Architectures - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Alex Okrushko & Marko Stanimirović

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

Revolutionize your Angular development! Join core NgRx team members Alex Okrushko and Marko Stanimirović for a hands-on exploration of NgRx SignalStore, the cutting-edge reactive state management solution for Angular.

This immersive workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills to build scalable, performant, and maintainable Angular applications by leveraging the full power of Angular Signals and the streamlined SignalStore API.

What You'll Learn:

✔️ Angular Signals Deep Dive: Uncover the mechanics behind Angular's reactive programming model, understand the nuances between Signals and RxJS, and discover how to seamlessly integrate both for maximum efficiency.

✔️ NgRx SignalStore Mastery: Get hands-on with SignalState, RxMethod, SignalStore, and other key APIs through practical exercises and code labs. Learn to build modular, declarative stores that enhance code readability and maintainability.

✔️ Advanced SignalStore Techniques: Explore plugin-based architecture for entity management and build custom plugins to tailor SignalStore to your specific needs.

✔️ Unified State Management: Utilize SignalStore as a comprehensive solution for both local and global state, and discover how it complements the global NgRx Store for large-scale applications.

✔️ Architectural Best Practices: Gain valuable insights into clean code principles, declarative programming patterns, and architectural designs that promote code scalability, robustness, and testability.

Who Should Attend:

Angular developers of all levels who are eager to enhance their state management skills and adopt modern architectural practices. Basic familiarity with Angular and TypeScript is recommended, but prior experience with NgRx or Signals is not required.

Take your Angular expertise to the next level! Secure your spot today and unlock the full potential of NgRx SignalStore for building reactive, modern Angular applications.

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Build an AI-Powered Full-Stack Angular App - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Nir Kaufman

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

Unlock the potential of AI in web development with this intensive master class. Led by Nir Kaufman, this course is perfect for developers looking to integrate AI functionalities into their Angular projects. From serverless app architectures to advanced data handling with Vector databases, this workshop promises a comprehensive deep dive into modern web development.

What You Will Learn
✔️ Foundation Setup: Kickstart your project with a modern, serverless full-stack application using Angular.

✔️ Angular Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge of the latest Angular features to enhance your app’s performance.

✔️ Database Skills: Master modern ORM techniques for efficient database management.

✔️ AI Integration: Experiment with Generative AI, focusing on prompt engineering and Langchain applications.

✔️ Advanced Data Handling: Implement Vector databases for sophisticated data management and retrieval.

✔️ OpenAI Technologies: Get practical experience with OpenAI's suite to infuse intelligent features into your web applications.

By the end of this online master class, you will have developed a fully functional, AI-enhanced Angular application. Equipped with new skills and insights, you will be ready to tackle contemporary challenges in the tech industry, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in web development.

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Mastering TypeScript's Advanced Patterns for Hardcore Development - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Tomasz Ducin

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

Not aimed for beginners or intermediate users; it's designed for those who already have a solid understanding of the language and are ready to level up. We’ll delve deep into several advanced patterns in TypeScript that are battle-tested techniques discovered and honed by the TypeScript community. From low-level details to high-level architecture concepts, get ready to face some of TypeScript's most challenging and exciting features through interactive exercises.

Key Takeaways:
1. Advanced Patterns Primer: Uncover patterns like branded types, value object, and configuring type compatibility that emerge from structural typing.

2. Branded Types: Learn to provide specific domain-related operations that don't easily interfere with primitives - and leverage this to make your app logic more robust and easier to maintain.

3. Type Predicates & Assertion Functions: Customize TypeScript's control flow and improve code inference to make your codebase more manageable.

4. Classical Patterns (Builder, Composite, Iterator, etc): Build on your knowledge of Generics to perform awe-inspiring feats of inference, developing entire data structures without manual type annotation.

5. External Libraries: Get down and dirty with external libraries, understanding how generics flow through them to debug type errors quickly.

6. Thinking on the Compiler Level: Understand the critical role of various TypeScript compiler internals, to understand the result and results, which are not explicitly written in your code.

What You'll Learn:
- Deepen your understanding of TypeScript's advanced features
- Navigate and resolve complex compiler errors
- Gain techniques for efficient domain modeling
- Master type controls to write cleaner and more reliable code

By the end of this hands-on workshop, you’ll be armed with a toolkit of advanced TypeScript skills and techniques, ready to tackle any coding challenge. Don't miss out on this opportunity to turbocharge your TypeScript game! 💪🤓

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Angular Performance - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Julian Jandl & Christopher Holder

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

What You Will Learn
✔️ Javascript Event Loop - If you care about performance, javascript event loop what will follow you in your journey to get faster apps. Master work prioritization and single thread scheduling.

✔️ Browser Render Pipeline - To make your app faster, you need to understand how it runs in the browser, and browser has a render pipeline too. Learn how to minimize the work the browser needs to do.

✔️ Core) Web Vitals - Your performance has a score. Learn how it’s measured and how to improve it. Master everything about LCP, FID, CLS and INP.

✔️ Server Side Rendering in Angular - Angular SSR story has gotten better lately. Learn how to improve the SSR performance with caching and learn about the new features coming in v18 like event-replaying.

✔️ Local change detection and zoneless in-depth - Angular is getting faster and faster each version, understand why is that and how you can benefit from it.

✔️ Performant Images with NgOptimizedImage - Learn how to use the new NgOptimizedImage directive to improve your app’s performance.

✔️ CSS and DOM performance best practices - Improve forced reflows, layout thrashing. Master CSS containment & content visibility, Next generation CSS features, ResizeObserver & IntersectionObserver

From the "Angular Performance" workshop, you will walk away with a deep understanding of how to enhance your application's efficiency. You'll gain practical knowledge of the JavaScript event loop, learn optimization techniques for the browser's render pipeline, and understand how to effectively utilize Angular's server-side rendering with the latest features. We'll dive into the essential Core Web Vitals, ensuring you know how to measure and improve your app's performance scores. Additionally, you will learn to apply advanced features like the NgOptimizedImage directive and implement cutting-edge CSS and DOM strategies to reduce reflows and maximize performance.

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Pragmatic Angular Testing - Master Class (stationary & online)
by Younes Jaaidi

Monday, Nov 05, 2024, 10.00 - 17.00 CEST (Lunch provided)

Testing or more specifically, front-end testing is undeniably in the top 3 of the most complex topics associated with Angular & front-end development.

When one is confronted with this complexity, it is tempting to give up, but at what cost? It is totally possible to develop an application without tests but is it really faster? What happens to code maintainability a few months or sometimes just weeks later? Can we serenely refactor and deploy our apps regularly while it is getting older and complex in our hands? What about end-to-end tests, they sound attractive but are they enough?

This workshop presents, through practical exercises, pragmatic Angular testing techniques. You will also learn how to implement simple, meaningful, maintainable, and above all profitable tests.

What attendees will learn

During this workshop, you will learn:
- how to implement tests for your Angular application with the Test-Driven Development approach,
- how to choose the type of tests that fits best depending on the context,
- how to decouple tests from code to encourage refactoring and tidying up when needed,
- how to implement maintainable and human-readable tests,
- the difference between dummies, stubs, spies, mocks, and fakes + how and when to use them,
- the difference between isolated, shallow & integration component testing,
- how to choose the right scope for your tests,
- lots of tips & tricks that will help you adopt a pragmatic testing strategy.

Course Benefits
You will learn how to write profitable tests, in other terms, you'll learn how to reduce the cost of writing and maintaining tests while increasing their trustworthiness. This will boost the whole team’s confidence and efficiency. You will be able to choose the right tests to implement and how to implement them. You will also learn how to leverage the benefits of Progressive TDD to change your code with confidence, and you will be able to decouple your tests from the tested code so you change the code structure without having to fix tests all the time.

Workshop Agenda

👨🏻‍🏫 Overview

👨🏻‍🏫Introduction to testing
- Why test?
- What should we expect from a test?
- The different types of tests: Narrow & Wide vs Unit & Integration.

- Do you need Jest?
- Pros & cons.

💻 Exercise: First Test
- Progressive TDD.
- Making tests readable and maintainable with Object Mothers.
- Tips & Tricks.
- Testing asynchronous code.

💻Exercise: Test Doubles
- Dummies vs Stubs vs Mocks vs Spies vs Fakes: which one should we use?
- Contract testing fakes

👨🏻‍🏫Component Testing
- Different types of component tests: Integration vs Shallow vs Isolated.
- Angular Testing Library: Pros & Cons.
- Cypress Component Testing: Pros & Cons.
- Playwright Component Testing: Pros & Cons.

💻Exercise: Testing Components with Playwright Component Testing
- Which Test Doubles should we use?
- Testing Inputs & Outputs based communication.

👨🏻‍🏫Visual Regression Testing
- Testing the presentation.
- Visual regression testing with Playwright Component Testing

👨🏻‍🏫Building your Pragmatic Testing Strategy
- What should we test and how?
🙋‍♀️ Q/A

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Free workshop ngGirls

We're thrilled to host an ngGirls workshop at NG Poland 2024 on Sunday, Nov , 2024. This full-day workshop is free for women to attend and aims to introduce women to developing web applications, with the ultimate goal of increasing diversity in the tech industry. Share the love: tell a friend or colleague about this amazing opportunity! Come and check out what we have in store for you!

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Angular Community Hero 2023

We at ngPoland strongly believe in the value of sharing knowledge and experience. We also know that some of us put more than average effort into building Angular communities. Angular Community Hero Award is our token of gratitude for their hard work. If you know any Angular Hero, you can nominate them here.

Angular Product Hero 2023

We would like to award creators of fully functional already implemented solutions built on Angular framework that have made a real difference in our lives. The successful entrants need to show their product deserves the title by submitting the information requested in the form.

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ngAwards 2022

Personality of the Year

Kara Erickson - Angular & Aurora

Trainer of the Year

Manfred Steyer - angularmaster.dev

Angular Hero of Community

Alex Okrushko - NGRX & Angular Toronto

Dhananjay Kumar - ngIndia & geek97

Angular Hero of Education

Angular.love - Blog

ngAwards 2021

Angular Hero of Education

Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen - Angular Hero of Education

Angular Hero of Community

Vitalii Bobrov - Angular Hero of Community

Angular Hero of Community

House of Angular - Angular Hero of Community

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Postponed to 2021

ngAwards 2019

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Minko Gechev - Personality of the Year

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Manfred Steyer - Trainer of the Year

Asim Hussain - codecraft.tv

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Mark Pieszak - @Angular Universal

Kamil Myśliwiec - NestJS

Angular Product Hero

Niall Crosby - ag-Grid

ngAwards 2018

Personality of the Year

Matias Niemelä - Personality of the Year

Angular Hero of Education

Todd Motto - Ultimate Courses

Christoffer Noring - Architecting Angular Applications...

Angular Hero of Community

Shmuela Jacobs - ngGirls

Michael Hladky - Angular Vienna

Kamil Zasada - Angular Wrocław

Angular Product Hero

Sebastian Witalec - NativeScript

Future Processing Sp. z o.o. - DiscovAir

ngAwards 2017

Angular Hero of Community 2017

Nir Kaufman - Trainer of the Year

Tomasz Nastały - angular.love

Angular Hero of Product 2017
Best Angular Product for Education

Ari Lerner - ng-book

Angular Hero of Product 2017
Best Enterprise-Level Angular Product

mBank - eMakler

Angular Hero of Product 2017
Best Angular Product for Small Business

SoftwarePlant - BigPicture

ngAwards 2016

Angular Hero of Community 2016

WarsawJS - Meetup

Joanna Chmiel - ngPoznan

Nir Kaufman - Front & Band Meetup

Angular Hero of Product 2016
Best Angular Product for Education

Todd Motto - Ultimate Courses

Angular Hero of Product 2016
Best Enterprise-Level Angular Product

Asseco Poland S.A. - CBP Asseco

Angular Hero of Product 2016
Best Angular Product for Small Business

Milo Solutions - Redmine CRM Mobile App

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ngPoland 2022 offers more than just learning from Angular experts. You will also have a great opportunity to meet and socialize with over 1000 like-minded people from all over the world.

Rekindle Your Enthusiasm

The most important benefit of participating at ngPoland 2022 is the infectious enthusiasm you will be filled with. The confidence, desire to develop, and can-do attitude will definitely bring your professional career to the next level.

Have Fun

This event will change your perception of IT forever. Your brain will be filled with new information, you'll feel the excitement of people sharing your passion, and most importantly, our MC's will guarantee an experience you'll never forget!

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