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Angular Conference 2023 (Warsaw & Online)
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Matt Lewis

Making Development Times Fast With Esbuild

Having a fast feedback loop thanks to short incremental build times is an essential part of every Software Engineers daily experience.

In this talk, we'll start by comparing the default Angular CLI webpack and esbuild powered development environments. Then we'll introduce a new bespoke esbuild powered development environment created by the ClickUp team, which pushes the limits of what's possible for developing an enormous Angular application with thousands of components.

Matt Lewis - Staff Software Engineer, ClickUp | UK

With over a decade of experience, Matt is a seasoned full stack software engineer specializing in JavaScript, encompassing Angular, Node, TypeScript and Ionic. Throughout his career, Matt's focus has revolved around Angular, and he's renowned as the author of several popular open-source Angular libraries. His passion extends to bundlers, compilers, CI/CD, and the art of crafting exceptional developer experiences.
Matt is a dynamic speaker driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence, with a love of sharing knowledge and ideas with the community.

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