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End-To-End : Distributed Systems with ASP.NET Core and Angular - Master Class
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Course overview

Today's distributed systems consist of front and back ends that can communicate with each other via HTTP, for example. In this workshop Fabian Gosebrink shows how to develop a user-friendly and well-structured frontend with Angular and how to provide a clean REST interface with ASP.NET Core. Using components and a modular architecture, a maintainable and scalable application is created on the client that communicates with the backend. The backend will also be developed in this workshop with ASP.NET Core from the ground up to provide the data using a REST interface. Live updates with SignalR also offer the possibility to inform the client about events without having to reload the page manually. After this workshop you will have a comprehensive impression to develop frontends with Angular and backends with ASP.NET Core so that nothing stands in the way of working on your next projects with Angular and ASP.NET Core.

What you learn

  • Build and REST API with ASP.NET Core
  • Use Dependency Injection with ASP.NET Core
  • Talk to a Database in the backend with Entity Framework
  • Create a modular component architecture with Angular
  • Use Angular Modules
  • Show, Edit and Delete data
  • Use Angular Services with tree shakeable providers
  • Use Angular Pipes to format die displayed data


  • Very basic understanding of Angular & Typescript
  • Basic C# knowledge
  • Latest Angular CLI
  • NodeJS installed
  • NPM installed
  • Git installed
  • Code Editor like Visual Studio Code
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