Gerard Sans

Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services | UK

"Gerard Sans, is a Developer Advocate for AWS Amplify and Google Developer Expert specialised in Angular and Web Development.

He is a serial conference speaker with over 150 talks in 37 countries, 60 technical trainings using Angular, Vue and React. He is a big fan of GraphQL and runs GraphQL London/San Francisco groups."

Topic: Big time PWA using GraphQL, Amplify DataStore and Angular

Description: The main attractive for PWAs is that they can work offline and be installed as a Desktop or Mobile app. In this talk, we are going to build a real-time chatroom app and make it a big time PWA in just few simple steps. Amplify DataStore will help us to store our chat messages while offline (Eg: in the underground) and share them as soon as we get back online. Join us to learn how we use GraphQL to do all of this and more!