Angular Conference Jan 25, 2022 (Warsaw & Online)
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Shai Reznik

Shai Reznik

Presentation Title: Testing RxJs observables effectively - “Look Ma, No Marbles!”

I remember the first time I searched for “how to test observables” and the only thing I could find were articles on “Marble Testing”.
I said - “what the hell, let’s give it a try...”
Then, a few sleepless nights later and tons of chocolate in my belly (to reduce the anxiety) I realized I’m stuck.
“What is this cryptic language?” I thought to myself, “and how come the only way to realize what this marble library does is to read its source code??”
All I wanted was to just test my observables and focus on doing meaningful work and not wasting time on hard to write / read tests.
“THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!” I thought to myself
So after a lot of research and development (and more beer & chocolates) I finally discovered a much more intuitive solution.
And that’s what I want to share with you, so like me you’ll enjoy your “testing observable” time, and feel much more productive at it.
By the end of this talk you'll feel so happy you'll want to send me all the beers and chocolates in the world! but please don't... I'm on a diet

Founder of and

Shai Reznik is known as "The Angular Testing Guy" and is the founder of and Being a leading part of the Angular community since 2012 Shai has been recognized by Google as an Angular Expert (and as a crazy person by his aunt! 😅) His "Test Effective Angular" courses and lectures have helped thousands of developers enjoy a stress free life and while increasing their code confidence, quality and efficiency. Over 170,000 developers watched his Angular talks online and just because you're reading this bio... you can enjoy a FREE testing workshop that will teach you 3 invaluable Angular testing lessons! Get it here -

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