Angular Conference Jan 25, 2022 (Warsaw & Online)
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Alex Okrushko

Alex Okrushko

How to start loving writing tests again

NgRx team, Principal Architect at Cisco | Canada

@ngrx_io team, #NgRx trainer 💜 @GoogleDevExpert #Angular @AngularToronto organizer 🅰 previously: @Google , @Firebase


NgRx Store + ComponentStore - Master Class

The synchronization of State is one of the most challenging parts in web applications. In this workshop we’ll go over what is this State and what are the problems that we are trying to solve. We’ll start with no libraries approach, pull and push-based services and then dive deeper into Global and Local state management with two of the most popular libraries designed to handle state: @ngrx/store and @ngrx/component-store.

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