Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Session: Crafting solid state management - A principle based architecture

State management is a very important and complex part in nowadays web applications. This topic brings a lot of new concepts and complexity in an applications architecture. It is common approach to focus only on implementation details of a specific lib, so ppl miss a general understanding of the concepts and benefits of a solid state management implementation.

This talk will explain several beneficial principles of state management on a high level. Based on this knowledge you will not only be able to understand patterns like FLUX and REDUX but also get the knowledge to compare specific libraries like ngRx, mobex, redux-observable.


  • Evaluate the need for a state management lib
  • Compare state management libs
  • Craft their own state management

Michael Hladky - Consultant/Trainer, Google Developer Expert in Angular

He is a Google Developer Expert and an active part of the community. As co-founder of the Angular-Austria association, organizer of Angular-Vienna and NestJS-Vienna Meetup he grows the Austrian community. He is a developer, trainer and consultant with the focus on Angular as well as ionic and surrounding technologies, and gives workshops on Angular, RxJs and Typescript.

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