Matias Niemelä

Matias Niemelä

Keynote Session 1: The Angular Journey - today and tomorrow

From a single widget to a Google-Scale app, Angular is a framework for building web applications that scales with the needs of the developers. Core team members Matias Niemelä and Rado Kirov will guide you through the existing powerful set of Angular features and tools. We will show you where is Angular today, where we want to be tomorrow and how the community is helping us along our journey.

Matias Niemelä - Angular core team, Google

Matias is a fullstack web developer who has been programming & building websites for over 10 years, and a core team member of AngularJS for two years. In the spring of 2015 Matias joined Angular full time at Google. In his free time Matias loves to build complex things and is always up for public speaking, travelling and tweaking his current Vim setup.

See Matias in action @ NG CONF 2017