Jeppe Hedaa

Jeppe Hedaa

How to better meet expectations!

Performance, Estimations, Setting the expectations, Scope Management, Risk Management. Business cases. It is all about meeting the budget, delivering the content and preferably when we promised to do so. Even if we are quite good at objectively estimating the project – how much power is there in our actual development teams? How good are our people, how well are they organized and how complex is their environment? All these elements contribute to determining our success of delivery. Jeppe Hedaa presents a model – “NUCLEON” – that can help you assess your development team and better determine how much power you have in your team and how you can best improve.

Jeppe Hedaa - CEO of 7N and Author of Nucleon

Jeppe Hedaa has been working with complex systems development for more than 30 years, serving the largest IT development departments. He is the CEO and owner of 7N who is an agent for top 3% IT specialists. 7N has departments in US, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, India and Denmark. In September 2018 he published the book “Nucleon”, where he describes how to calculate a hard number for an IT team’s performance that could best be compared to that of Horse powers in a car.

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